Manticore Software

Release Notes:

Version 2.1 brings many optimisation and stability improvements, along with many new and long awaited features:

What's New:

  • Premium server with 5 minute response timeouts for registered users vs 30s on the old/default server
  • Full utilization of tokens and token configuration
  • Added new GPT 3.5 models for registered users
  • Conversation trimming functionality
  • AI personalities
  • Improved multilingual support for PPC+ builds
  • Improved reliability on 68k machines
Drawing Board Theme Blue Steel Theme

Application Theming

A small number of themes have been added which allow better integration with Mac OS Appearance themes. These themes are accessible across all builds, but give the best experience when used with Mac OS Appearance themes.

More will be added soon!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue preventing older AI models from working correctly
  • Utilisation of temporary folder for updates
  • Fixed the file type for LegacyAI's preferences
  • Fixed an issue with the AI model prefixes before in responses
  • Fixed logo transparency
  • Fixed a bug causing modals to crash the application
  • Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash when closing the preferences window under OSX
  • Discontinued the Carbon build due to multi-platform issues

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