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Aircard Connection issues
Can't connect to server while connected via aircard
BugMedium✅ Fixed v2.0
Font Issue
App title overflows on top of version when using custom system fonts
BugMedium✅ Fixed v2.0
Crash under OSX if connection drops
If the internet connection drops e.g. WiFi the app will crash in OSX (10.5.8)
BugHigh✅ Fixed v2.0
Output interprets UTF-8 as Mac OS Roman
Non-English text showed as garbage
BugHigh✅ Fixed v2.0
Turn off proxy and use https
If you are using a system that supports an HTTPS connection, the proxy should be bypassed
Feature RequestLow🟠 TBA
Match menu positions in OSX builds
Move app specific menu items to the LegacyAI menu on OSX builds
Feature RequestMedium✅ Fixed v2.0
Disable 'Send' for empty messages
A user shouldn't be able to send an empty message
BugLow✅ Fixed v2.0
Line breaks with alt+enter
Add the same functionality as shift+enter
Feature RequestLow✅ Fixed v2.0
Toggle for 'Enter' key
Add a preference to toggle the 'Enter' key to either send a message, or add a new line
Feature RequestLow✅ Fixed v2.0
Load saved chats
Add the ability to load a saved chat back into the conversation.
Feature RequestHigh✅ Fixed v2.0
Make window resizable
All window contents should be able to expand/contract
Feature RequestHigh

✅ Fixed v2.0

Scroll to message in UB version
When a response is received the conversation should scroll to the begining of the response, rather than the end.
BugLow✅ Fixed v2.3
Theme applications
Theme isn't applied to windows after opening them twice
BugMedium✅ Fixed v2.3
Image re-renders
Image canvases aren't re-rendered when resizing the image generation window in the UB build
BugMedium🟠 TBA
Message Role Issues
GPT 3 models getting confused with message ownership, and replying to it's own messages.
BugHigh✅ Fixed v2.4.0


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