Manticore Software

Release Notes:

LegacyAI has mostly been rewritten for better network compatibility, and easier cross-platform support. LegacyAI 68k is now at the same feature level as all other versions.

What's New:

  • Spoken ChatGPT responses
  • Improved language support (All common western languages are now supported)
  • Previous conversations can now be loaded into the application
  • The application window is now expandable
  • Better network status visibility
  • Better placement of menu items within OSX
  • New lines can now be made with the key combination Alt + Enter
  • A toggle has been added to disable the Enter key sending a message
  • A secret settings window for future features!

Bug Fixes:

  • Aircard Connection issues
  • Font Issues on main window
  • Crashing under OSX if the connection drops
  • Send button disabled for empty messages
  • Scrolling issues from the 68k to Carbon versions

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